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These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern your use of the services provided by autoMEE LTD ("we", "us", or "our"), accessible via automee.digital. By accessing or using our Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms, including our Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any part of the terms, you may not access the Service.

1. Definitions

The definitions provided in your initial request set the stage for understanding the key components of our Service, including definitions for Service Provider, Service, Client, Application, Account, User, Fee, and Personal Data.

Service Provider: autoMEE LTD, Company Number: 15599316, Address: Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3V 4AB

Service: Package purchased by the Client from autoMEE LTD., including StarterMEE, OptiMEE, UltraMEE AI

Client: A natural person, legal entity, or organizational unit using the Service

Application: CRM software and other digital tools provided by the Service Provider

Account: Application instance configured and made available to the Client

User: A person using the Service, including the Client's employees

Fee: Payment for the Service, payable according to the selected plan and offer. VAT at 20% applies to all quoted prices. Service fees are billed in advance on a monthly basis. Service access may be suspended for overdue payments.

Personal Data: All information about an identified or identifiable natural person

2. Scope of services

We offer various packages including StarterMEE, OptiMEE, and UltraMEE AI, each tailored to different levels of service needs, from business evaluation to AI-driven process automation. Each package includes specific features and limits on auto-tasks and AI word generation as per the chosen subscription.

StarterMEE for £385 per month includes: Business Assessment, Customized Chat Bots, Interactive Interface, 500 auto-tasks per month,1mln AI words per month

OptiMEE for £485 per month includes:

Everything from StarterMEE, CRM autoMEE, 2,500 auto-tasks per month, 2 millions AI words per month

UltraMEE for £595 per month includes:

Everything from OptiMEE, Priority Dedicated Support, 10 000 auto-tasks per month, 5 millions AI words per month

3. Payment Terms

Pricing: All prices are exclusive of VAT, which is charged at the standard UK rate of 20%.

Billing Cycle: Fees for our Service are billed in advance on a monthly basis and are non-refundable.

Late Payments: Failure to settle due invoices may result in suspension or termination of Service.

4. Additional one-time fee - Set Up Fee:

For implementing the Service in the StarterMEE, OptiMEE, and UltraMEE AI packages, autoMEE LTD may require a one-time initiation fee (Set Up Fee). This fee covers the costs of individual adjustment and configuration of the Service to the specific needs of the Client.

a. Individual valuation:

The Set Up Fee is priced individually for each automation, considering the specificity and complexity of the Client's requirements.

b. Offer and acceptance:

A detailed offer regarding the Set Up Fee will be sent to the Client by email. Acceptance of the offer by the Client also takes place via email.

c. Payment conditions:

Deposit: Upon acceptance of the offer, the Client is obliged to pay a deposit of 40% of the total Set Up Fee. This deposit is necessary to commence the implementation work.

Final payment: The remaining 60% of the Set Up Fee is payable upon completion of the implementation and acceptance of the service by the Client. autoMEE LTD will provide the Client with a detailed implementation report and instructions for completing the payment. The Client will be notified via an automated message, such as SMS or email, reminding them of the upcoming payment deadline at least 2 days before the scheduled collection of the remaining 60% of the Set Up Fee.

If there is no feedback from the Client within 30 days from the onboarding date, autoMEE LTD reserves the right to automatically collect the remaining 60% of the implementation fee. This procedure will be initiated only after informing the Client about the completion of the implementation and delivering a detailed report.

d. After accepting the offer, within 24 hours, the Client will receive an email from the directly assigned automation expert. This expert, based on the information provided, will prepare an action plan for the Client, containing the necessary steps for implementation. Communication during the implementation process takes place via email.

The Client is obliged to strictly adhere to the established schedule. In case of delays or lack of response from the Client, autoMEE LTD reserves the right to modify the implementation deadlines or, in extreme cases, to cancel the implementation without refunding the Set Up Fee.

autoMEE LTD commits to smooth communication with the Client during the implementation, during business working hours from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday. However, if delays in information flow result from lack of response or necessary feedback from the Client, autoMEE LTD is not responsible for any consequences of these delays, including the failure to implement within the agreed deadline.

In the event that delays on the part of the Client exceed the established time limit (e.g., 7 working days without a response), autoMEE LTD may require additional payment for downtime and for additional work necessary to restart the project.

e. Implementation acceptance:

Acceptance process: After completing the implementation work, the Client will have a set period, 7 working days, to test and evaluate the work done.

Implementation acceptance: After evaluation, the Client is obliged to provide autoMEE LTD with feedback and any comments. If the implementation meets the agreed criteria and expectations of the Client, it will be considered completed, which requires formal confirmation by the Client, e.g., by signing the acceptance document or sending confirmation via email.

Amendments and modifications: If the Client requests amendments or modifications, autoMEE LTD will assess the scope of required actions and agree on a new schedule for their implementation with the Client. Additional work may be subject to additional charges if it exceeds the scope of the initially agreed implementation.

Finalization of payment: After the formal acceptance of the implementation by the Client, the payment finalization process will take place according to the conditions specified in section c. Payment conditions.

The monthly auto-task limit refers to the limit of automation tasks that can be performed by or on behalf of the Client within a selected service package in a calendar month. An auto-task refers to an individual automation operation, such as sending an automated email response, updating data in the CRM system, generating a report, or other actions defined within the automation service. If the limit of auto-tasks in a given month is exceeded, the Client automatically qualifies for a higher service package, which involves an appropriate change in fees, according to the current price list and conditions of that higher package.

5. Usage rules

The Client is obliged to use the Service in accordance with its purpose and these terms and conditions.

It is forbidden to use the Service for purposes that are illegal or infringe the rights of third parties.

6. Payments

The amounts mentioned are exclusive of VAT, which is 20%.

The fee for the Service is charged in advance on a monthly basis.

If the payment is not settled on time, access to the Service may be suspended or terminated.

7. Right of withdrawal

The Client has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of purchase of the Service without giving any reason. However, if the Client has used the services during the trial period, they are not entitled to a refund for the trial period.

8. Limitation of liability

AutoMEE LTD is not liable for any losses incurred by the Client from using the Service.

9. Amendments to the terms

AutoMEE LTD reserves the right to make changes to these terms. Clients will be notified of any changes in advance.

10. As part of the packages, autoMEE cooperates with external entities such as OpenAI, Zapier, Go High Level, and Voiceflow, to provide a full range of services. To facilitate this cooperation:

a. Data sharing: The Client is obliged to provide autoMEE with necessary login data and other confidential information required for the integration and configuration of services. AutoMEE commits to keeping this data strictly confidential and to use it solely for the purpose of providing the service.

b. Data security: autoMEE will make every effort to protect the data provided by the Client, using appropriate security measures in accordance with industry standards.

c. Password change after completion of work: Upon completion of the configuration and integration work by autoMEE, the Client is required to change all access passwords within 7 days of receiving the work. This is necessary to ensure data security and limit access to accounts after the end of cooperation.

d. Liability for data security: autoMEE LTD is not liable for any data security breaches that may occur after the end of cooperation and failure by the Client to change passwords within the specified time.

11. Liability for services of external providers

a. AutoMEE LTD acts as an intermediary, connecting services provided by external companies, such as OpenAI, Zapier, and GHL, with the Service offered to the Client.

b. In the event of outages, errors, or other technical issues on the part of external providers that may affect the availability or quality of the Service,

autoMEE LTD is not liable for any losses, damages, or lost benefits that may occur on the Client's side.

c. autoMEE LTD will make every effort to minimize the impact of potential technical problems related to the services of external providers on the provision of the Service, but does not guarantee continuous operation of the Service in such cases.

d. The Client is aware that the Service may depend on external providers and accepts the associated risks.

e. autoMEE LTD commits to informing the Client about any significant technical issues on the part of external providers that may affect the provision of the Service, as soon as possible.

12. Additional fees for using services of external providers

a. In addition to the subscription fee for the selected Service packages (StarterMEE, OptiMEE, UltraMEE), the Client will be charged additional fees related to the current use of services from external providers, such as GHL- CRM. Price lists:


b. Additional fees may include, but are not limited to, costs for phone calls, use of advanced AI features, process automation, data transfer, and other services listed in the providers' price lists.

c. Price lists of external providers are available on their websites and may change. The Client is obliged to familiarize themselves with the current price lists and terms of services provided by these companies.

d. autoMEE LTD informs that the total amount payable by the Client will include both the subscription fee for the selected Service package and additional fees for using services of external providers, according to their current price lists.

e. autoMEE LTD will provide the Client with detailed breakdowns of fees, specifying costs related to the use of external provider services.

13. Support and usage rules for external services

a. In the StarterMEE and OptiMEE packages: autoMEE offers standard technical support with a response time of up to 48 hours. Support is available during standard working hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9AM-5PM. Technical support requests should be sent by email to [email protected].

b. In the UltraMEE package: autoMEE offers priority technical support with a response time of up to 2 working hours, available from Monday to Friday, from 9AM – 5PM. In the event of technical issues in these packages, the company will make special efforts to provide a quick response and effective problem resolution within the specified time. Technical support requests should be sent by email to [email protected].

c. Support for external services: In the event of errors or technical problems related to services provided by third parties (e.g., OpenAI, Zapier, Voiceflow), technical support from autoMEE may be limited. In such cases, the Client is obliged to contact the appropriate external service provider directly, in accordance with their own terms and support procedures.

d. Acceptance of terms of external services: By using the Service offered by autoMEE, the Client also accepts the terms and conditions of external service providers. The Client is obliged to review these terms and comply with their rules, as they form an integral part of the Service provided by autoMEE.

14. Data processing agreement

Considering that the Service Provider (also referred to as the Processing Entity) will manage personal data collected by the Client (also referred to as the Data Controller) as part of the provided Services and implemented Application, the following contract is established:

§ 1 Party Declarations

The Data Controller entrusts the Service Provider with the processing of personal data collected during the provision of Services, which includes: first names, last names, home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, tax identification numbers, company names, registered office addresses, document scans, contracts, sensitive data. The Service Provider declares that it has appropriate means to properly manage the personal data entrusted by the Data Controller, in accordance with the purposes and scope specified in this agreement. The Service Provider commits not to modify, delete, or use the entrusted personal data in any way other than for the purpose of providing Services to the Data Controller. It also commits to maintaining full discretion in managing the data. The Service Provider ensures that employees involved in data processing are authorized to manage the data and have been informed about data protection regulations and the consequences of their breach, committing to adhere to these regulations and maintain the confidentiality of the processed personal data.

§ 2 Purpose, Scope, Location of Data Processing

The Data Controller entrusts the Service Provider with managing the personal data, as specified in § 1 (1), solely for the purpose of providing Services. The Service Provider commits to processing the entrusted data only in connection with the Services and to the extent necessary for their realization.

§ 3 Principles of Personal Data Processing

The parties commit to professional and diligent fulfillment of the obligations arising from the contract, protecting the legal, organizational, and technical interests in data management. The Service Provider commits to using appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the entrusted data against access by unauthorized persons, theft, illegal processing, alteration, loss, damage, or destruction. The Service Provider ensures that the used IT systems comply with current legal requirements.

§ 4 Sub-processing

The Service Provider may entrust the processing of data to other entities only with the written consent of the Data Controller and after prior acceptance by the Data Controller such as Twilo US, Mailgun, OpenAI, Zapier, Voiceflow.

§ 5 Parties' Liability

The Data Controller is responsible for complying with data protection regulations according to EU regulations. The Service Provider is liable for damages resulting from improper data processing in violation of the contract.

§ 6 Final Provisions

In case of changes to data protection regulations, the contract will continue to be in force according to the new regulations. The contract is valid for the duration of the services related to data processing.

15. Limitations of Large Language Models (LLM)

autoMEE LTD utilizes advanced large language models (LLM), including technologies from partners like OpenAI, to enhance the range of services available to the Client. While these models are designed to provide accurate, relevant, and valuable information, they are not infallible and may occasionally generate content that may be deemed inaccurate, speculative, or not entirely relevant in a given context, a phenomenon commonly referred to as "hallucinations."

Please be advised:

The accuracy of responses provided by LLM can reach up to 98%, but there is always a possibility of error or inaccuracies in the information generated.

autoMEE LTD is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken by the Client based on information generated by LLMs.

Clients are advised to use their own judgment and to verify critical information provided by LLMs before making any significant business decisions or actions based on such information.

16. Consent to marketing cooperation

As part of our ongoing collaboration, the Client agrees to allow autoMEE LTD to undertake promotional activities that may highlight the successful partnership between the Client and autoMEE LTD. These activities are designed to showcase project successes and service quality, and may include the discreet use of the Client’s branding elements, such as logos, within the context of presenting testimonials on our website and other marketing materials.

The Client retains the right at any time to request the cessation of the use of their branding elements in autoMEE LTD’s marketing efforts by submitting a formal notification to us.

This agreement is made in the spirit of mutual benefit, aimed at enhancing the visibility and reputation of both parties while respecting the Client’s brand integrity and control over its use.

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